Yes, I ate crickets...

...and saw Elvis in concert...

...and photographed a galaxy 23 million lightyears away.

More than 40 years of making characters real – or surreal – has been aided by living life unconditionally. Classically trained actor/voice artist Mike McNerney (hey, that’s me!) has portrayed good guys, bad guys, sung in Bobby McFerrin’s Voicestra, and created dozens of voices for TV, animation, radio, and radio theater. When not in front of the camera or microphone, I bounce around the country working as an Assistant Director in film and TV. In my downtime, while residing in both L.A. and Chicago with my opera singing wife, dog, and cat (the dog and cat don’t sing opera, only my wife), I hone my astrophotography skills, play the guitar, and write everything from music to screenplays to the ever-elusive novel.

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Mike McNerney selfie without glasses by pool
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